A new concept in dining has reached the Twin Ports and it is delivery only. But not delivered by the restaurant but through Food Dudes at the present time. The name of the restaurant is " Bowls To Go" and is av virtual restaurant.

So in order to use this food service you have to sign up for Food Dudes which you can do on a computer or download the App to your phone. Menu options range from Signature Ramen, Salads, Soups, rice bowls and a variety of mac and cheese blends.

Owner Rick Lampton, who also owns 310 Pub and 7 West TOLD Fox21 that delivery of food Is now more the standard then ever." He went on to say "People have shorter lunch breaks. They need food delivered to their offices, their places of work. Our delivery business has gone up already and this is helping us capitalize on that trend,”

Some vegetarian options are available too. For more information on Bowls To Go click here

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