Duluth residents now have a new way to reports a variety of problems they may encounter, from road issues to things affecting stormwater and drainage, water and sewer, snow and ice issues, etc.

The City of Duluth announced they've launched an online reporting application called the Resident Problem Reporter. They note the Resident Problem Reporter brings a high level of openness and accountability to the community services that the City provides.

All told, residents can report 31 different types of problems on the site. When visiting the online form, residents will first select a problem category. They should then review problems that have already been reported. If they find their problem has already been reported, they can “agree” with the problem instead of submitting a new problem.

If the problem has not already been reported, they can click "Submit Problem". Residents choose the problem that they are wanting to report and enter the problem's details, including their contact information.

A cool feature also has the form allowing residents to select the precise location and include photos of the problem. Once the problem has been reported, residents will receive a confirmation email and status updates.

"Creating this application has taken a lot of work and input from staff," Mayor Emily Larson said. "This application will bring transparency in how staff work to address problems while showing the community that we value their input and time to report
problems in their neighborhoods and our community. I am proud to launch the Resident Problem Reporter and eager to hear the experience that residents have in using this new application."

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This will be of great benefit to all residents as many had no idea where to turn when problems such as these occurred. It also allows them the satisfaction of tracking the progress of the repair of their issue.

It's important to note that this new application is not meant to report emergencies, downed power lines, or trees. These reports should continue to be made by calling 9-1-1 for immediate attention.

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