Like a true Minnesota shopper I frequent Target on a regular basis and fall into that trap I like to call Target hypnosis. You know you step in the store with a list or an idea of what you are going to buy and you end up with a heaping cart full of items. Sure this can happen at a grocery store or other places you are fond of but 99.9% of the time happens to me there.

Now if you are someone who is gearing up for Holiday shopping Target is going to make it easier then ever to help you shop for all the gifts on your list. One thing that the store has done is double up the number of drive-up pick-up spaces outside of their stores. in a recently released survey, by Deloitte they have found that holiday shopping is expected to be up by 5% compared to last year. And the competition is fierce.

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Still Target expects it to be a very busy year, with plans to hire 100,000 holiday workers and give pay bumps to employees working peak hours. So what changes are on the horizon? According to Bring Me The News they are as follows:

  • Add backup items to your app order in case your preferred items is out of stock.
  • If you placed an order but realize later you forgot something, there's an option to add an item to your previously placed order.
  • With the "Shopping Partner" tool, you can select an official shopping partner (ie. a friend or family member) who will be notified of the order status and can pick it up on your behalf.
  • If using same-day delivery through Shipt, you can pick the Target location at which you want them to shop.

So there it is in a nutshell whether you are a fan of Target, other big box stores or a little local shop it seems that people are ready to shop even though we are still very much knee deep in a pandemic. I am a big fan of ordering online or doing curbside pick up so I am not in the store around a bunch of other people, and also not tempted to buy things I don't need that are on an endcap calling out my name.

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