An innocent pick-up game of basketball made one player think that he was a match for a  professional women's basketball player. Oh the fragile ego of some people, well he got served hard, and deservedly so.

Minnesota Lynx guard Aerial Powers was part of a friendly game of hoops with a group of men while dominating the entire court when one guy's ego got the best of him and he took things a little too far by checking her with his shoulder but to no avail. Powers was barely fazed by it.

Instead, she showed all the guys and especially Mr. Cry Baby himself why she is part of a  championship women's professional basketball team. But apparently, he did not get enough and attempted to guard her too while she proceeded to sink shot after shot. I really want to give this guy the benefit of the doubt that just maybe he thought she was just some female who is a really good player, but if he knew she was a player for the Lynx and still acted like that, shame on you my guy.  Powers seems like she is ready to go, after missing most of last season from a thumb injury.

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The Minnesota Lynx first game is scheduled for May 6 against the Seattle Storm in Seattle. Good luck to the season ahead ladies and let's bring home another championship this year!

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