Portia Miller of St. Paul adopted a Shih Tzu named  Mercutio back in 2007, and the dog was stolen from her yard in 2013. Miller put up fliers all over the area but did not hear anything, heartbroken she figured she would never see her dog again.

Fast Forward to last week when she received a call from the Minneapolis Animal Control Agency saying her dog had been found as a stray, and she could come get him. The dog was micro chipped and that is how they were able to reach her.

Unfortunately when she arrived to get her dog she was told the dog had been adopted by another family during the 2 years he had been missing, and they were now the rightful owners. Apparently when the dog first disappeared in St. Paul, animal control did not check his microchip and so Miller was not notified. Their policy is, if the animal is not claimed after 5 days it is made available for adoption.

This is now a huge legal mess for Miller who will have to hire an attorney to fight for custody of her dog. I would be outraged If this happened to me and my family, this is the whole point of getting your animals micro-chipped and name tags etc. I could not even imagine after so many years of owning these animals for someone to say she was adopted out to another family, and how sad for this dog?

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