A 14 year old boy from Superior is in critical condition after a water emergency last night at Little Grand Lake. According to officials from St. Louis County authorities were dispatched to Little Grand Lake near Sampo Beach at 8:19 pm Tuesday night.

According to CBS3 officials stated that he was swimming with 2 other boys out to a diving dock about 75 yards from shore when he went under and never emerged. The other boys began yelling for help and bystanders from boats and along the beach dove into the water to help. The boy was recovered at the bottom of the lake in about 12 to fifteen feet of water. He had been underwater for several minutes.

CPR and other lifesaving measures were implemented immediately and he was sent to a local hospital. It is believed that swimmer inexperience was the cause of the incident. Hopefully this young boy will make a full recovery, stories like this are all to common this time of year and it is such a tragedy.



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