For any parent we look forward to milestones with our kids, and as they get older we beam with pride, but also realize how grown up they are becoming too.

Our son is blossoming into a great young man, and with that comes changes like having to shave that new mustache. For quite a few weeks we have begged him to shave his blossoming mustache, which was a source of pride for him and his burgeoning manhood.

It was not full blown given the fact he is only 14, but we told him it will grow back and maybe even spur more hair to appear. So off to the store we went to get him his own razors and shaving cream. With a few tips and razor in hand he ended up shaving his whole entire face, even though for the most part all he needed to do was shave his upper lip.

One more big milestone accomplished, and a beaming young man strolled out of the bathroom, with his siblings looking at him in total awe. We want them to stay little forever, but we all know these days come quickly. Thanks to technology, we can capture these moments in time and unfortunately for his sake, share the news with the world on the web. :)



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