Beloved actor Jerry O'Connell who starred in Major Hit Movies like Stand By Me, Jerry Maguire and 119 others, yes he has made 121 movies by the age of 45. Of course he started out as a child actor married Rebecca Romijn and later they had twin girls.

Well just like what happens in every family the kids grow up and have opinions of their own especially with music. In our house I had quite the up hill battle because everyone else in their lives were big country music fans. I never forced them to listen to what I liked they all just gravitated towards it. So since they seemed to take an interest I taught them about the origins of rap, rock and roll all kinds of music.

What is cool is now that they are old enough to know what they prefer but still have hung on to liking some of the "old" music I introduced them too. Hey I still love John Denver thanks to my Dad. But it seems old Jerry here was trying to teach his daughters about Prince and they both threw a fit. Either they are really good actors or just obnoxious teenagers. I think it is the latter.

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