If you're wondering why Canal Park is so busy this weekend, it's Tall Ships weekend. With that being said, The Aerial Lift Bridge and the Minnesota Slip Bridge will have a modified lift schedule this weekend. 

The Blue Bridge in Canal Park (Minnesota Slip Bridge) will be implementing a modified lift schedule to help due to increased traffic with the Tall Ships Festival this weekend. According to the city o Duluth, the bridge will run from 8am to 9pm through August 21st. It will be opening twice in a hour; at 15 minutes after the hour and again at the 45 minute mark. The bridge will still open for commercial charter fishing vessels returning from chartered fishing trips.

While the Lift Bridge will be on its normal summer lifting schedule (on the hour and half hour mark), with extra personnel working during the Tall Ships Festival to help safely move vehicles and pedestrians across the Lift Bridge due to the high amounts of people enjoying the festival. Please stay safe and watch out for Pokemon hunters.

Both bridges will return to their normal schedule on Monday August 22nd.

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