After four long years of major reconstruction the main road through downtown Duluth is now officially complete as of today September 3 2021. The project cost $31.5 Million and covered 11 blocks of Superior Street from Mesaba to Fourth Street East. The original plan was for it to take three years but lasted longer due to complications with weather and unexpected findings underground. Duncan Schwenson, City of Duluth Senior Engineer and lead on the project, said in a news release. "We found everything from trolley tracks to vaults that were never documented – our team learned a lot from this project."

Given the fact that our radio station is now located on the first floor of the Holiday Center with our studios facing Superior Street we had a front row view of the construction last summer and this summer as well even though it was brief this year. It is truly an unbelievable thing to witness between all the machines and manpower it is really mind boggling.

It had to be a frustrating experience for businesses located on Superior street with access to their stores or restaurants compromised by the streets being torn up, but as they said it was a necessary job that needed to be done and now it is behind us.

Kristi Stokes, president of the Greater Downtown Council, said in the news release reported by WDIO:

While it’s never easy for our businesses to have construction out their front door, they now have a transformed main street with new infrastructure and amenities.  It will be such a milestone to see the last of the barricades removed and watch traffic freely flow to all of our businesses along Superior Street.

With the pandemic thrown in the midst of the construction as well thankfully as many businesses as there are were able to whether the storm but with the surge in COVID cases appearing daily we are far from over it. Please take what precautions you can and try and support local businesses not only on Superior Street but all over the Twin Ports, they are a vital part of our community and our are neighbors and friends too.

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