In a press release from the City of Duluth, beginning Monday, April 18, 2022 part of Superior Street will be closed to vehicle traffic.

The part that will be worked on will be 4th Avenue East to the Pickwick restaurant's East parking lot entrance. You can still access the parking lot through the Pickwick front parking area and drive through to the parking ramp.

According to the release it will be closed off to traffic for two weeks to install the new Minnesota Power duct bank crossing Superior Street East of the Fitger's ramp entrance and the West of the Pickwick's restaurant parking lot entrance.

The Duluth News-Tribune says it involves vault work, installation of some concrete sidewalks and some of the roadway as well as some other amenities. They go on to say that the sidewalk has been covered in temporary asphalt since 2019 so it could be used but will now be a sidewalk with a curb.

According to the city, once the duct bank work is done, the closure will move to the West side of the Fitgers's parking ramp entrance and will remain that way until the 4th Avenue East intersection reconstruction is done.

According to the DNT, this should be the last of the construction closures to finish Superior Street, but there might be some closures to finish off the Essentia Health addition in that area, but this should wrap up the Superior Street venture. All this work should be done by June 6th so that the road is ready for Grandma's Marathon.

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