According to WDIO The Park and Rec Department for the city of Duluth announced on Friday that all the natural surface trails in the city will be closed temporarily due to the Spring thaw. So for those of you that are adventuresome and like to walk, hike or bike off the beaten path you are going to need to wait a while.

The trails are all currently wet and very muddy, some even still have snow on them and there's still a deep thaw in the ground from this past winter.  The current conditions on the trails are unsafe for personal use, and if people decide to use these trails anyway despite them being closed, it will cause significant damage to the trails. So, please abide by the closures.

The City of Duluth is advising the public to use paved trails like the Lakewalk, Cross City Trail, and Western Waterfront Trail until the natural surface trails are dry and hardened. Generally this process takes about a month, but with the possibility of snow later this week, that could obviously delay the whole process.

Below is a list of the trails that are temporarily closed:

  • Amity Creek Trail
  • Chester Park Trails
  • Congdon Park Trails
  • Hartley Park Trails
  • Hawk Ridge Trails
  • Kingsbury Creek
  • Lester Park
  • Park Point Trails
  • Web Woods
  • Grassy Point Trails
  • Superior Hiking Trail

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