Do you think that you have what it takes to compete on American Idol? Here's your chance to prove it when they hold auditions next week looking for talented Minnesotans.

American Idol is getting ready for its sixth season on ABC looking for the hottest singing talent from across America and instead of holding in-person auditions, the show now does the casting online with what they call Idol Across America, which they use Zoom to do live virtual auditions in all 50 states.

Minnesota is scheduled for a day of auditions on August 24th and right now you can sign up for a time slot to get face-to-face (virtually) with an American Idol producer. To be eligible for this season of Idol you need to have been born between June 2nd, 1993, and September 15th, 2007.

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To audition you'll simply need to set up a computer, laptop, or smartphone and connect to the link provided for the virtual audition, and be ready to sing 1-3 songs of your choice either a cappella or with your own instrument. Keep in mind that you will be recorded and that you won't be seeing the celebrity judges, just low-level producers for the first audition.

After your audition, you can expect some feedback from the producers and you that's about it, you probably won't find out if you'll be making it to the next round until a later date, that is unless you absolutely blow them away.

They will also be doing live auditions for this upcoming season at some point, but no word on when or where, you can also submit an audition video anytime through the American Idol website.

Here is a flashback to when American Idol was on FOX and in Minneapolis doing open auditons in 2002 at the Target Center, Jeanne Ryan and myelf were there for those audtions, and I can tell you that it was insanity!

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