I can't help but think that if Youtube had been around when I was a senior in high school my prom date could have been Dave Matthews, Eddie Vedder, or even Grant Hill.  Those guys were the object of my affection circa 1999.  I would have undoubtedly created an awesome video convincing one (or all?) of those guys they should be my prom date.  (Don't get me wrong--my prom date was just fine.  Sorry Ben.  Nothing personal.)

I don't know how the trend started, but it seems like quite a few high schoolers are asking for prom dates through Youtube, Facebook, and/or Twitter.  Be it a pop star (Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber) an actress (Scarlett Johannsen, Mila Kunis) or an "adult film" star (I don't know any really popular ones aside from Ron Jeremy.  And I don't think anyone wants to take him to prom) there are propositions all over the internet!

This one caught my eye, because he showed up!  A high school senior from Boston (who is also the class Valedictorian) made this Youtube video asking Andy Grammer to her prom with a twist on his song "Fine By Me"

An LA radio station brought the video to Andy's attention:

How does this story end?  Thankfully, I can still believe in the kindness of pop stars.  At least, Andy Grammer.

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