All of my animals are microchipped and it sure gives me a sense of security to know if they wandered off and lost their collars that if they were scanned for a micro-chip it would show all my contact information and my dog or cat could be returned home. According to Daryl at Animal Allies less than 5% of lost cats are ever returned to their perspective homes, but with micro-chipping that statistic could greatly improve.

Animal Allies wants to help, with a FREE Micro-chip Clinic being offered on March 15 from 2-4p and March 17 from 1-3p at the shelter 4006 Airport Road in Duluth. No appointment is necessary but they do have a limited supply. Everyone is asked to please wear a mask, social distancing will be enforced as well.  A Free collar tag is included with each micro-chip recipient.

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The actual micro-chip is the size of a grain of rice and the insertion of the micro-chip is a very simple and quick procedure with the chip being inserted with a needle in the scruff of the neck. It is not a tracking device of any kind, when scanned with a special machine it will bring up certain information like name of your pet, your name and contact information.

One of my cats who is old and was a stray before we adopted her from Animal Allies many years ago is an indoor cat who escapes and gets out once in a while. I am grateful that she has a micro-chip because she has come home missing 3 different collars over the years. She has a breakaway collar and obviously got stuck on something which made it come off. Without that chip their is no way someone could find out who she is or who she belongs too.

My heart absolutely breaks every time I see Facebook posts about a lost or found dog, no collar and no way to identify them, hoping they have a micro-chip to get them back home to their owners. Please take advantage of this FREE Service and get your pets protected.

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