Porkchop is is a brindle mixed breed who is approximately 2 years old who came into Animal Allies as a stray from St. Louis County. Porkchop is super playful and loves his toys, but he is super strong and needs some heavy duty ones that can keep up with him. He is a little shy at first which seems natural given the fact that he was a stray but once he gets to know you toss him some treats and he will love you forever.

Like a lot of the dogs especially the bigger ones they can get very anxious being in their kennels and get excited when they see visitors, so If weather is permitting please ask one of the staff to take him outside and let him run around and burn off some energy.

Porkchop has been neutered, vet checked, microchipped and is updated on all his shots. He needs a lot of exercise so couch potatoes need not apply to give him a loving  home unless you are willing to bring him somewhere to run and get exercise or have a big fenced in yard. He is a beautiful young dog who deserves a family of his own.

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If you would like to meet porkchop in person he is at Animal Allies 4006 Airport Road in Duluth, call at 218 722-5341 or online.

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