Ariana Grande and Piers Morgan's feud is finally over.

Their beef stems back to 2018, when Morgan made a series of rude comments about the members of Little Mix and, eventually, Grande, claiming that she uses sexuality rather than talent to sell records. The pair have gone back and forth for months at random, but the war is finally over – and fans can't believe how it ended.

On Wednesday morning, Morgan thanked Grande "for a great night," which confused her fans. The "7 Rings" singer responded with her own thanks, revealing that she and Morgan shared "some laughs and some v productive conversation." Her tweet also featured the hashtags "#FutureFeministPiers" and "#FingersCrossed."

Grande's fans were immediately confused by the exchange, especially after months of the two trading barbs on Twitter. One fan even joked, "the simulation is glitching."

The Grammy Award-winning musician revealed that she ran into Morgan at a restaurant, and decided to sit and have a conversation with him. Grande said "some progress was made," and the pair came out of it with a better understanding of one another.

"Well............ we bumped into each other. at a restaurant. and i decided to sit with him and we spoke for a while. i think some progress was made! turns out face to face discussions are a bit kinder and gentler, even if you do indeed disagree. :)," she shared.

Fans praised Grande for being so mature in handling her drama with Morgan. Some even hailed her "an incredible role model."

"at least u guys were adults ab it," one tweeted.

Another said, "You are such an incredible role model Ariana. You handle everything with grace and maturity. Thank you so much for leading with such an amazing example."

The drama kicked off in November 2018, when Morgan retweeted a story about Little Mix's Jesy Nelson sharing a "sultry snap." Morgan shamed her over the photo, tweeting that she looked "ridiculous," and should "put some clothes on." He then came after the group for a nude photo of them covered in mean words that have been said about them. Morgan accused the group of stealing the idea from the Dixie Chicks, who did it for an Entertainment Weekly cover.

Joan Grande, bothered by Morgan's comments, jumped in, slamming him for attacking Little Mix, Ellen Degeneres, and more. The pop star's mother called his actions "disgraceful," adding that if he had "nothing nice to say, don't say it." Morgan fired back, saying he "would prefer [Little Mix] to use their talent to sell records rather than their nudity, and then accused Ariana of doing the same.

"I use my talent AND my sexuality all the time because I choose to," she responded. "Women can be sexual AND talented. Naked and dignified. It's OUR choice."

Ariana continued, "i say this with all due respect but thank u, next."


She added that she was looking "forward to the day you realize there are other ways to go about making yourself relevant than to criticize" young famous women. Ariana said it would be good for Morgan to make that shift professionally.

"i think that'll be a beautiful thing for you and your career or what's left of it," she wrote.

Grande hasn't said any more on her squashed beef with Morgan.

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