Much is made of artists’ muses: Pablo Picasso had Marie-Thérèse Walter, Pedro Almodóvar has Penelope Cruz and Nicola Freeman has…candy necklaces and lollipops. The British art student sculpted humongous approximations of those and other sweets for an exhibition currently showing at the University of Wolverhampton.

In an interview with Craft magazine, she reveals her materials (sadly inedible: they’re made from plaster and resin) and how fans of her work interact with the drool-worthy replicas of classic candies (says Freeman, “The pieces aren’t too delicate, so people can walk around them, touch them, and lots of people have been having their photograph taken with them – which is really excellent.”).

Nicola Freeman's supersized candy scuptures

You can see more photos of the sculptures, including giant conversation hearts and a giant candy watch, on Craft’s site.

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