Super Bowl LII in Minnesota offers fans a first time opportunity to view what is called "Radio Row" in the industry. Traditionally held in a closed off facility for major sports events like the Super Bowl, this year's broadcasting hub is located on the third floor of the Mall of America near the new Culinary on North food court.

Talking to a number of media members from around the country, I learned that their initial reaction to Radio Row being in public was tenuous. Since Monday's opening day of activities, the attitude has overwhelmingly turned positive. Many broadcasters, including Rich Shertenlieb of "Toucher and Rich" on WBZ in Boston, say they are enjoying the atmosphere. Shertenlieb told me during our media ice fishing expedition that he is enjoying the energy the fans are bringing to the broadcasts, plus having all of the food and shopping options so conveniently located is hard to beat.

Fans are also enjoying the experience. Monday and Tuesday on Radio Row saw anywhere from a few dozen to a roughly a hundred fans at any time, while Wednesday's crowds swelled way beyond that, with plenty of fans and shoppers checking out the spectacle.

Wednesday's appearances on Radio Row were plentiful, including Jerry Kramer, Matt Birk, Kareem Hunt, Melvin Gordon, Carl Eller, and a number of others. Check out the video above and photos below to see some of the athletes, get fan reactions, and experience a taste of Radio Row for yourself!

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