While it's weird to think about, one of the stories during this Super Bowl is the media. Reporters from around the world are experiencing a week of authentic Minnesota winter, with things like sledding and even ice fishing on the docket. I had the chance to tag along with a few people from various media outlets around the country, including a crew from NBC Sports as they checked out ice fishing for the first time.

Representatives from the Waconia area took media out to lunch at local hotspot Hoppers Bar & Grill, where we got to enjoy some delicious burgers before hitting the ice. From there, we headed to In Towne Marina where we got our bait and loaded into trucks to head out to our fish houses.

One of our guides told us that Lake Waconia is known for panfish, but also offers walleye and a variety of other fishing options. The lake is one of the two biggest lakes in the 7-county metro area, so there were fish houses aplenty from people around the area staking their claim on a spot to fish.

The highlight of the day was the reaction of one of the NBC crew members, who is from California, catching her first fish while ice fishing. You can see her must-see reaction in the video above!

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