Midwesterners are a proud people that rightfully get tired of just being thought of as "flyover country" to folks that live on the coasts. From time to time, those gosh darn "coastal elitists" really show off their complete ignorance of what is going on in the heart of the country - or even what it looks like (yes, it's more than just cornfields). Here's what appears to be the latest example.

In a new TV campaign announcing the merger of AT&T and DirecTV, the commercial in question shows a number of different examples of how you can watch your favorite TV show while experiencing a parallel experience in real life using their mobile platform. About midway through the commercial, the announcer explains how you can "watch Fargo in Fargo"; referring to the popular FX drama based on the movie by the same name.

While the cold and snowy conditions fit a stereotype anyone from Fargo (or elsewhere in the Midwest) would accept, the desolate mountain visual that is revealed to depict "Fargo" makes absolutely no sense to anyone that has ever been anywhere near Fargo. Beside the comical idea that it is a dinky one stoplight town (the Fargo-Moorhead area is home to more than 200,000 people), where anyone got the idea there are mountains in North Dakota is even more comical. Here's the commercial:

I guess it is worth noting that the TV show 'Fargo' does also (incorrectly) have mountains off in the distance in scenes from time to time. Maybe that's where the marketing person got the idea from. Just like your teacher might have told you or someone you know in school though, copying answers from someone else instead of doing your own work (or research) doesn't guarantee anyone gets the answer right.

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