For those of us who may be on the fence about our wardrobe for as a guest for the big day, finally a complete list has been compiled to make sure you don't show up with people pointing and laughing.

We have all been to at least one wedding wear you see someone very under dressed or of course the polar opposite. Do not under any circumstances draw attention away from the bride or the groom on their special day with something as crazy as your out fit. Some of these suggestions seem painfully obvious, but for some maybe not. Here is an example of my favorites:

1.) Wearing White-This seems to obvious, but If it is a Summer wedding, someone out there may be thrown off by the after memorial day green light on this.

2.) Wearing a Tiara- Unless you were recently crowned Miss America or are 3 years old keep that nonsense at home!

3.) Showing to Much Cleavage- You are not going out to a night club, you are at a wedding. Keep the girls under wraps, no need to draw that kind of attention!

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