The latest statistics (2015) I found for just attending a wedding averages around $673, and that is someone who is not even in the wedding. Now of course a huge chunk of that cost is travel If you have to fly.

In a recent study from April of 2015 the cost of just attending a wedding has tripled and depending on how old you are  you may get an invitation for more than just one this season. I am feeling pretty thankful that we were able to pull off our wedding for around $4,000 including the rings, since the average cost of a wedding is around $ 26,000. That did not include our honeymoon, but it was all worth every penny.

Because of the actual expense to attend a wedding the amount spent on a gift goes down to around $106, but If it is a family member it is around $142. Then if you are in the wedding, guys can count on anywhere from $150-242 average for a tux rental, even though one of my co-workers just spent $300 on a Tux. For the ladies the dreaded bridesmaid dress average cost is $150 and that is the super low end, and does not include shoes and accessories.

What is the most you have ever spent to attend a wedding? Let me know in the  comments below.