2014 must be the year of the pop star biography! The same day that One Direction dropped their official autobiography, Austin Mahone took to Instagram to announce that he too has an official book in the works!

"I got my own book coming out!!!" the 'MMM Yeah' singer captioned the Instagram pic last night (Sept. 25). "Let me know which cover you like more," prompting fans to comment with either a left-pointing hand or a right-pointing hand to indicate the book cover they like best.

While details on the book are mum, here is what we do know: Mahone's book is titled 'Just How It Happened,' and it's being billed as his "official story." While the singer looks unbelievably cute in both cover options, we're partial to the one on the right -- we love the design, and really, who could say no to a closer look at Austin Mahone's face?

We'll be sure to keep you updated on all of the details of 'Just How It Happened' as they're revealed. We can't wait!

Mahomies, are you psyched for Austin Mahone's book? Will you buy it?

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