Austin Mahone released a new song ‘Say My Name’ and, ironically, it’s leaving us kind of speechless.

The slow song kicks off with a guitar riff reminiscent of an ’80s ballad, but the hip hop-influenced beat and verses keep it from sounding cheesy. This song is many things, but cheesy isn’t one of them. It’s smooth and sensual and, dare we say it, sexy. This is a whole new side of Austin.

The 18-year-old singer isn’t holding anything back when he croons, “Say my name, ain’t no time to play / It’s not a game, I feel some type of way” and “Baby girl, I know you got your needs / And I’ll make it my mission to make sure you’re pleased.”

Who knew he had it in him!

The song originally leaked last week, followed closely by rumors that ‘Say My Name’ is the ‘MMM Yeah’ star’s next single. There’s been no official confirmation of anything outside of Austin officially releasing the song today (July 15).

What do you think, Mahomies + PopCrushers? Do you love the song? Should it be Austin’s next single?

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