Valentine's Day may be over, but that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy the gift that keeps on giving: Austin Mahone's V-Day gift to the world, a video in which he serenades his fans.

The only thing better than watching it would be being in it. We would also settle for some flowers and chocolate. Or you know, just chocolate.

The video in question was released the day after Valentine's Day (Feb. 15) on Mahone's official YouTube channel and features the teen heartthrob singing the song 'U' to adoring female fans whom he brings up on stage.

Even without the finished track, it's worth it for the fan reactions alone, which range from embarrassment to excitement to tears of joy to unadulterated hysteria. And in one instance, seeming nonchalance.

The song itself was released on iTunes the day before the video on Feb. 14.

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