Do you have your summer reading list ready?  If you don't have any of Brian Freeman's books on your list, you need to make a few changes.

Brian Freeman is an International Best Selling Author with his books selling in 46 countries and 20 languages.  And five of his novels are set right here in Duluth.  His first book, "Immoral," introduces us to the famous Duluth Police Department's Detective.  Lt. Jonathan Stride struggles to capture a serial killer on the streets of Duluth.

He'll be in the Twin Ports through the weekend at book signings in both Superior and Duluth.  His latest novel, "Spilled Blood" isn't a Stride novel set in Duluth, but a stand alone set in Southwestern Minnesota.  Brian promises that Jonathan Stride will return to Duluth in another book next year.

If you want to go check out Brian's book signing on Saturday in Superior or Sunday in Duluth you can check out the locations on his website: or on his Facebook fan page.

In case you missed the interview this morning, here it is: