I miss the old days of road trips, not a care in the world and butterflies in my tummy with anticipation of my final destination. Of course back in the day it was a real adventure with no GPS or cell phones, you would just wing it.

Whether you are planning a summer road trip with the family or with your friends, be prepared and think ahead, so it becomes a most excellent adventure. Here are some highlights from an awesome Road Trip Hack List.

1.) Bring a charging device or 2: You do not want a dead cell phone, tablet, I-Pod or whatever piece of technology you brought along. They are expensive to replace and if you are somewhere remote good luck.
2.) Shoe organizers can be used to store stuff in your backseats: This is a must especially if you have kids or a friend who has a lot of stuff. Keeps your ride organized and will help with clean up when you eventually stop.
3.) Shower Caddie for a Food Tray: In a hurry just place your food items in the shower caddy and everything will stay in place nice and neat while you are trying to drive and eat!

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