Minnesota Governor Tim Walz will address the state this afternoon and will announce changes to the guidelines regarding bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues.

Starting Monday, January 11th, bars and restaurants can again offer indoor dining at 50% capacity with a maximum of 150 people. All bars and restaurants must also close at 10 PM.

Bowling alleys, movie theaters, and museums can also reopen at 25% capacity and no more than 150 people in each area of the venue. Gym capacity remains capped at 25% but maximum capacity increases to 150 and classes can increase to 25 people.

“As we cautiously adjust the dials to help Minnesotans return to important elements of their daily lives, we continue to monitor where we stand,” Governor Walz said in a statement. “Two months ago the pandemic quickly snowballed from manageable to out-of-control. For our students, our small businesses, and public health, we cannot allow that to happen again.”

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Wedding receptions and other private parties can resume throughout the state as well, but must be limited to two households or 10 people indoors and 3 households or 15 people outdoors if food and drink is being served, if no food or drink is offered, the event venue guidelines will apply.

Outdoor events and entertainment remain at 25% capacity, but can increase the maximum capacity to 250 people. Places of worship will need to stay at 25% capacity, but with no overall maximum capacity.

“Minnesotans have worked hard and done their part to get us back from the edge of the cliff, and now they can help keep things on the right track,” Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said in a statement. “One year into this pandemic, we know that improvements are tenuous. If we let our guard down, COVID-19 finds a way to surge back in terrifying ways.

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