Update 12/8/21

People are becoming more and more adventurous when it comes to gifts and even holiday apparel so why not decorate that big bushy beard too? Many men take great pride in their beards by growing and grooming it to perfection. (Well some do)  Now Beardaments has some new products to enhance that beautiful beard and even some products for the ladies too.

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On top of their mini ornaments, they now offer mini beard lights that actually light up and they now have two new products for the ladies as well. They now have women's light-up hair ornaments and a 4 pack of light-up earrings too.

With the popularity of ugly Christmas sweater parties and gag Christmas gifts having a little extra fun during the holidays has become a part of the season. So whether this is a gift for yourself or someone on your list it is sure to bring about some laughs.

Original Post: November 27 2017

Our very own Ian was actually way ahead of his time as you can see in the picture above as he started his own beard dazzling decorations a full 2 years ago.

I think it is awesome that guys are experimenting with their beards whether it is these kooky little ornaments or glitter I say yes go for it! The company is called Beardaments and you can buy a 12 pack of the beautiful baubles for $11.99. They also have beard glitter too.

So If you have a hairy guy on your holiday list I am pretty sure he will be over the moon with this present. Now we just need to convince Cooper to liven up his beard this holiday season.

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