Bentleyville is one of the best times of the year in the Northland. People seem to flock from just about everywhere to take part in the major light festival and even those from the area make the trek each year.

With so many people walking through the gates, there are bound to be a few funny moments, items left behind and happenings that might make you scratch your head.

I went to Bentleyville Monday night and got a great laugh out of some fun facts they had posted near the fire pits. I felt the need to share in case you need a good laugh, too! We're not totally sure how they verified some of these, but here you go. Here are the 10 strangest, most hilarious facts Bentleyville shared about the big attraction:

  1. 123 dirty diapers have been found in the parking lot.
  2. 2,164 people have gone to the wrong parking lot.
  3. 1,783 people have been unable to find their car after attending the event.
  4. 1,842 children and their guardians have lied about their age in order to get a free hat in the Santa line.
  5. 26 strollers have been stolen.
  6. 138 people have been proposed to at Bentleyville.
  7. ....but only 133 have said yes. Yikes!
  8. 4 left boots have been brought to the lost and found
  9. 482 people have lost one single mitten.
  10. 83 marshmallow sticks have been found in trash cans over time.

These facts gave me a good laugh. To read even more fun facts about the light festival, head there and read them for yourself!

Bentleyville is open through December 28th. Before you head there, make sure you read a few expert tips Nathan Bentley gave us.

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