Going to the Minnesota State Fair can be slightly overwhelming even to a seasoned visitor. So much to see and do with booths lined up for miles around and the choices of what places to stop at can be mind boggling. Fortunately the powers that be at the fair are aware of this and do their best every year to reach out via social media a detailed list of all the vendors and attractions that the fair has to offer.

Still it can be hard to decide where to go first and what are the must have places to stop. Whether it is a particular food booth, or maybe ride or carnival game, music, drinks, or retail booth. Thankfully the fair chooses the Best Vendors of the year so before you go you might want to make a note of this years winners including one business from Duluth!

Bring Me The News has the list of this Years Winners:

  1.  Angry Minnow Vintage: Men's and women's throwback and designer clothing, hats and t-shirts. Modern style with a throwback theme.
  2. Baba’s: New to the fair this year noted for their delicious and unique Hummus Bowls.
  3. Bailey Builds:  a collaborative MARKET PLACE featuring homegrown ARTISAN POP UPS Handcrafted work. Located in Duluth at 5727 Grand Avenue!
  4. Gopher State Expositions and the Equinoxa family owned traveling amusement park.
  5. GoServ Global :nonprofit provides modified grain bins as housing and other shelter in areas recovering from disasters.
  6. Hanging Garden:  hand-crafted terrariums and other plant accents.
  7. The Hideaway Speakeasy:  is a full-scale restaurant and bar. Located in the Upper Grandstand's Veranda.
  8. Kim O’s Concession and Lean & Toss: A game in the Midway.
  9. Latitude Studios Co. is a Minnesota-based company that transforms used shipping containers into fresh and unique spaces to fit your needs and lifestyle.
  10. Rutana’s Hot Apple Dumplings: Hot apple dumplings with ice cream.
  11. Solem Concessions Cheese Curds & Mini Donuts: Their specialty is blueberry mini donuts and of course a state fair staple cheese curds which are my personal favorite.
  12. Tinsley Amusements and Charlie Chopper:  A Kidway ride.
  13.  Waterstone Fire Tables: is a manufacturer of unique rock fire tables. Each build will never be replicated.  Waterstone also produces fire rocks and custom creations.
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Hopefully this list will help to narrow down the number of booths you want to check out, but of course they are all great. The competition to secure a booth at the fair is very competitive so you know anybody that is their is top notch. Now let's hope the weather cooperates for the rest of the days of the fair.

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