Recently the weather hasn't been that great, in fact it's been horrible, rain and cold, not very Summer like. All those fun outdoor activities that you've been dreaming about are out the window, so now what do you do? Well hopefully this list of rainy day activities can kick start some ideas.

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    Go Roller Skating

    World of Wheels in Superior, WI

    Strap on the skates at World of Wheels in Superior for some roller skating fun. Not only will you stay dry but you'll also get some exercise and enjoy some great music. World of Wheels has everything you need to enjoy a day of skating.

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    Go Shopping

    Miller Hill Mall Duluth, MN

    Take your credit card and head to the mall next time it's raining and enjoy some retail therapy to help with the gloom of a rainy day. The mall claims to have 100 stores, but I'm not sure that's true, but there are plenty of places to spend your money, that's for sure.

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    Go to The Waterpark

    The Edge Waterpark Duluth, MN

    Enjoy a rainy day by still getting wet! Go spend the day at The Edge waterpark and enjoy waterslides, a lazy river, the kid's zone and more. This is a much better way to get wet on a rainy day, and it's always WARM inside.

    The Edge Photo
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    Go Climbing

    Vertical Endeavors Duluth, MN

    Spend the day climbing yourself out of the rainy day blues at Vertical Endeavors in Canal Park in the Adventure Zone building. You can climb walls up to 42 feet high, they also offer training classes and everything you need is available for rental.

    Flickr user Dan Anderson
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    Go to Your Couch

    Your Home, Twin Ports, USA!

    The experts always say to be honest when writing a list like this, and this is as honest as it gets. On a rainy day my number 1 activity is spending quality time with my friend the couch! I find on a rainy day I don't feel the guilt of sitting lazy on the couch all day as I would on a nice sunny day. I'm not going to tell you what you should do on your couch but maybe a movie from Netflix or maybe spend some time reading some stories here at Just enjoy a day of guilt free lounging!

    Flickr user Anna Majkowska