Spring is almost officially here which means warmer weather hopefully melting snow and bikes out on the road. As hilly as Duluth is it is still amazing to me how many people I see out on bikes. Whether they are waiting to cross the street after coming down one of many awesome trails, they are cruising down the Lakewalk or they have all their racing gear on and are tearing up the bikes only lane.

Throw in a pandemic for the last year on top of it and this is a Spring to remember. I am pretty convinced that this year even more people will purchase bikes or get the old ones fixed just to be able to go somewhere and get out of the house, but being safe at the same time.

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Steve Myer, Owner and General Manager of Stewart’s Bikes, Sports and Trophies in Duluth’s Lincoln Park said to FOX21:

They’re ready to get out and do something. I do warn people that, get your bikes early if you see a bike you like I recommend buying it quickly cause there is gonna be a bike shortage this year and they’re gonna be tough to come by.

Myer went on to say that bike tune ups have been rolling in heavy and he has gotten a lot of inquires about electric bikes. Now that is what I am talking about you physically run out of gas or hit one of the big hills turn on the electric bike and boom good to go. If you have any type of bike it is so important to have a professional tune it up, you surely don't want something falling off as you are going top speed down a hill.

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