A new bill possibly to be proposed in Illinois, will be to fine drivers who are caught with their dog riding in the front seat with them.

I have to admit guilty as charged, we have 2 little dogs and the few times we ever do bring them in the car I have them on my lap. But, as of recently I do not like to do that, all it takes is them deciding to scramble for the window or to block your field of vision.

The only times we usually even have them in the car is to go the vet or the groomer, so obviously neither one of them are a fan of the car, they know they are going somewhere they don't want to go.

Apparently in Illinois this is becoming a new trend of having the dog accompany you on a car ride. We all know this can be very dangerous for the dog and the humans as well, especially when they are in the front seat.

The fine for this offense if the bill would ever go through would be pretty minimal, and they could not get pulled over just for that, but It would make people think twice about it. The bottom line is If you must take your pet with you make accommodations to make sure they are safe.