The Blatnik Bridge, otherwise known as the 'High Bridge' that connects Duluth and Superior is finally on the replacement clock and looks to be completed by 2028.

The Bridge originally opened in 1961, making it 58 years old and was renamed in 1971 due to Congressman John Blatnik's role in making the bridge a reality. The bridge sits of the St. Louis River and the connection is a daily-commute for many Duluth and Superior residents who travel back and forth for work, shopping, and fun.

The bridge had a rebuild project in the 90's to widen the lanes and to strengthened the substructure, but that actually sped up the aging process. Over the last ten years, the 'High Bridge' has been subject to many inspections that revealed it's time for a replacement. Crews have made repairs over the years to make it operational, but it looks like a replacement is needed.

The current replacement cost for the bridge is up to $460 million with both Minnesota Department of Transportation and Wisconsin Department of Transportation splitting the costs.

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