Brandon Flowers' music video for "Still Want You" appeal to the sense of nostalgia on multiple levels: Obviously, it's by the same guy who brought you some of our favorite early millennial hits, but also because this video (and the song it depicts) is pretty darn retro.

The black-and-white visual features shots of Brandon crooning from behind an old-school microphone, women in suits singing backup, and a pair of women's hands gesturing  from behind the singing Killers frontman. All in all the clip conjures major "Vogue"-era Madonna vibes.

The brooding love song belabors the point that even as the world crumbles and life does or doesn't go on, there is no never not wanting the person you will always want the most. Flowers sings: "Time is passing by / I still want you / Crime is on the rise / I still want you / Climate change is dead / I still want you / Nuclear distress / I still want you / the Earth is heating up / I still want you / Hurricanes and floods / I still want you / even more than I did before."

We previously heard and saw the video for Brandon's '80s-inflected jangler "Can't Deny My Love." The visual for that song co-starred actress Even Rachel Wood, but the song itself dealt with very similar themes. We're sensing that maybe Brandon wrote his sophomore solo album The Desired Effect while pining over an impossible love.

The Desired Effect, produced by Ariel Rechtshaid, arrives May 18 via Island Records.

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