Newsflash from researchers at Cornell University College of Human Ecology's Institute for Health Economics, Health Behaviors and Disparities and the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics! Apparently working moms spend less time daily on kids' diet and exercise.  I'm sure it was a totally legit study, but COME ON!  I didn't go to Cornell and I could have told you the same thing.American moms with full-time jobs spend roughly three-and-half fewer hours per day cooking, cleaning, playing with the kids, and other chores related to their children's diet and exercise compared to stay-at-home and unemployed mothers.  This is according to reports in a new paper by a Cornell University health economist to be published in December.

Meantime, employed dads spent just 13 minutes daily doing such activities... and non-working fathers contribute 41 minutes.

Is it just me, or is this a completely obvious study?  Did they really need to devote the time, resources, and money into this study than any mother--whether working or stay at home--could tell you?

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