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Here are today’s.

  • Not Enough Whiskey?

    So, some alarming news.  Whiskey and liquor experts have a prediction that in the near future there may be a whiskey shortage.  New whiskeys like honey and cinnamon have made whiskey that much more popular however, with the boost in demand, producers are not going to be able to keep up.

  • Bruno Mars Not Happy Camper At Concert

    Bruno Mars in the news.  Kind of surprising because he seems so jovial.  Well at a concert he wanted to have one fan come on stage and she refused, twice.  Apparently Bruno isn't a fan of being rejected and he went off.  His record label has been trying to get the video removed from YouTube for copyright infringement.  However, it's not working out so well because no music was played during the clip.

  • Snoop Dog Facing Lawsuit

    Snoop Dogg is being sued by three of his former bodyguards.  The bodyguards claimed that they were overworked and underpaid by Snoop.  They also claim when they brought up to poor hours, only 3 hours of sleep a night on tour and other issues, they were fired.  Looks like they are hoping for $3 Million out of the lawsuit from Snoop Dogg.

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