The Northland is full of people that consider themselves rugged outdoorspeople. From winter camping to BWCAW trips or lengthy hikes on the Superior Hiking Trail, plenty of Northlanders embrace the challenge of going "off the grid".

The team at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore just announced the perfect opportunity for someone that enjoys just such situations!

In a Facebook post from earlier this week, the park put out the call for a hard-working and hardy individual to fill a volunteer role for roughly two to three weeks. They say the right person should have some familiarity with fishing camps and be "self-sufficient and able to cope with primitive living conditions in extremes of heat and cold".

So, what will this person be doing?

The volunteer for this unique opportunity will take care of the grounds at Manidoo-minis (Manitou Island) for a couple of weeks. This person will take care of the grounds, do trail maintenance, give tours of the historical fish camp, and help with any search & rescue situations when needed, among other tasks.

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This person will be the primary contact person for visitors on the island, with an opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of boaters, kayakers, hikers, hikers, and campers.

According to the application page, the window for volunteers extends from June 21, 2023 through September 13, 2023. This will afford a couple of people the chance to be part of this unique summer opportunity, with each volunteer getting a couple of weeks at this rustic post.

While it is a volunteer opportunity, it sounds like a cool and unique experience in a beautiful place on Lake Superior. If you're the type that enjoys the wilderness, solitude, and self-sufficiency, this could be a fun opportunity!

You can see the full volunteer listing here.

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