I know, ...what am I doing talking about hitting the beach at the end of November in Duluth MN? Well,ever since I got my Lasik procedure at Weis Eye Center every day is a new adventure. This past weekend I was digging around for the Holiday decorations, and I came upon all our beach stuff. I literally sat down gazing at all our supplies thinking about how great it will be to go to the beach and not have to deal with my glasses anymore...Sunglasses Fine... love that, not regular glasses. Our family loves to go the beach, and what a hassle when you wear glasses, take them off to go into the water, trying to watch my step since I can't see that well, get out of the water dry off put them back on.....Ugh! Just another great adventure ahead glasses free. If you are wondering If Lasik is right for you contact the Weis Eye Center in Hermantown.

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