Something as simple as playing games on my cell phone, or reading my Facebook updates were such a hassle. I had to take my glasses off to see up close, then put them back on to see far away. Ugh, that is until I had my Lasik Eye Surgery at Weiss Eye Center in Hermantown. Now no glasses at all, I can look up and down in one smooth motion.

Thanks to Dr. Weiss  and his staff, I was able to have a procedure done called mono-vision. This procedure helps people like me who are nearsighted and farsighted at the same time.  So, now i can see perfect far away, but I don't need "cheater glasses for up close! WINNING!

If you have considered lasik eye surgery, don't put it off any longer, contact Weis Eye Center for a free lasik evaluation, It will truly change your life for the better!

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