They say the Eyes are the window to the soul, and I am a big believer in that. You can learn a lot  about a person by looking in their eyes, and since I have had my Lasik procedure almost 1 month ago, I look at my eyes a lot.

If you have been considering Lasik surgery don't be fooled by some Spam e-mail or discount place. This is a big decision, and one that you need to make sure is done by someone who is experienced in this procedure. That is where Dr. Weis and his staff come in. At Weis eye center you will feel totally comfortable right from the get go. One of the techs will perform  a variety of eye tests to determine if you are a good candidate, and then you meet with Dr. Weis.

Being somone who has had the procedure I could not be happier, to not have to wear my glasses anymore or mess with contacts is truly life changing!  Stop in at Weis Eye Center for a free lasik evaluation today!


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