If you're looking to get some coffee on your way to work this week, you'll want to make note of this: the Caribou Coffee location on Central Entrance is closed temporarily.

Signage is posted on their door and on the location's Facebook page, stating that they will be closed until Saturday, November 14th. The store will reopen that day at 5:30 a.m.

This particular Caribou Coffee location is situated at 2 East Central Entrance, next to our old studios and Kwik Trip. This is not to be confused with the other Caribou Coffee location on Central Entrance, located in the StoneRidge shopping center.

The reason for the temporary closure is not known at this time. I have reached out to them to ask for the reason behind it and will update this story accordingly when they get back to me. Signage is posted on the front door, stating that the store is closed until the weekend. The drive-thru was also blocked off by a dumpster.

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In September of 2018, it was confirmed that a new Caribou Coffee location was coming to Duluth, occupying the space of a former gas station. It officially opened its doors in February of the following year.

Caribou is known for their delicious coffee drinks, pastries and sandwiches. We are hungry just thinking about it! If you're looking to satisfy a food craving, you can feast on this: a Thanksgiving pizza! Shamrock Bar & Grill has brought their iconic holiday-themed pizza back. It is a Northland classic, featuring gravy, stuffing, turkey and cranberry sauce for dipping. 'Tis the season.

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