Carly Rae Jepsen is more than capable of writing and performing a pop hit by her lonesome — see the ever-ubiquitous ‘Call Me Maybe’ for proof — but she really likes working with other artists, too. She’s adding more to her roster, which already includes Owl City, Justin Bieber and Redfoo of LMFAO. Who’s up next?That would be Jack Antonoff of Fun.!

“I worked with Jack from the band Fun., and that was sort of a random collaboration of us both really digging what the other person did,” Jepsen told MTV. “And the last collaboration is a song with Justin Bieber. We’re gonna do a little duet. And then the rest are sort of like, I think ‘Call Me Maybe’ is a pretty fair representation. It is pop, but there’s also dance-pop and a little hint of folk-pop.” ‘Good Time,’ her duet with Owl City, is said to be slated for her September release as well.

Jepsen dished more on her collaboration with Redfoo, which happened in a way just as random as you’d imagine.

“Redfoo, I actually met him at the airport after the MMVAs,” Jepsen said. “I didn’t have security with me, and the security came when I kind of got paparazzi-ed, and he goes, ‘Do you need a hand?’” she giggled. “So he saved me, and we made friends, and we wrote a song together. We actually wrote the majority of that song on the phone together!”

Watch Carly Rae Jepsen Talk About Collaborating With Redfoo