Yes it is a fact that cats and dogs like humans can get plaque and decay on their teeth too, which down the road can cause big problems for your pet.

We have had recently come into this situation with our 8 year old cat Jasmine, who has some severe plaque on her teeth and gingivitis. She needs a professional cleaning from the vet which is very expensive, but we were also instructed to try and brush her teeth daily.

I admit I had to chuckle a bit because I can hardly ever get our kids to brush let alone struggle with the cat too. As corny as this video is this Vet. actually has some good points about easing your feline into doing this. We definitely will have our work cut out for us, since she does not even like to be held.

Off I go to get cat toothpaste and brush, wish me luck and I will have a follow up down the road on our progress.


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