Way back in 1992, the Super Bowl was played at the Metrodome for some reason, and I was lucky enough to be part of the pre-game show.

I was a member of the Anoka High School Marching Band, and we were asked to be part of the show along with several other marching bands and performing groups from around the Twin Cities.

I remember the practices were long and BORING, but the experience was worth it. Nothing can prepare a person for walking out into a packed stadium like it was that night for Super Bowl XXVI.

The video below is the exact video being shown on the big screens in the stadium, so imagine my surprise when I saw my face plastered on the huge screen in front of me, I think you can almost see the shock in my eyes.

The video will start just before my big moment, don't blink, you might miss it. I'm the kid with the shocked look on his face playing the bass drum.

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