I know I know kind of hard to believe, that cute face is part of a gang that is hyper- destructive. Thankfully our little Nugget "Tinky" is busting out that stereotype.

Sure she has chewed up every soft dog toy in the house and she tends to like to pee on rugs when nobody is watching her, but she is sweet, adorable and loves to cuddle. She is a tough little dog at a whopping 7 lbs. when she is out on a leash she tries to chase after dogs or humans 10x bigger than her.   We figure she has this tough exterior due to the fact she was a stray when she was very young, so she had to be tough to survive on the street.

All dogs can be destructive, so do your homework and try not to have your dog in a situation where you know they will get into trouble. We love out little nugget, and thankfully she is as sweet as she is after reading this article...:)