The Public Works Department for the City of Hermantown announced Wednesday morning that they are asking residents in Hermantown to conserve water on Thursday, June 10 through the day due to some water system maintenance.

The City of Duluth will be performing routine maintenance on a water main that provides water to Hermantown on Thursday, and the request from Hermantown's Director of Public Works to conserve water on Thursday is a precautionary measure to make sure people still have water for basic needs.

Hermantown city officials specifically recommended putting off watering your lawn on Thursday as an easy way to help in the water conservation effort. They also recommend putting off any other "large-scale water uses".

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Paul Senst, Hermantown's Director of Public Works explained the request for conserving water on June 10, saying "This is an extra precautionary step should there be any delays in the work being performed by Duluth. We are fully confident that their work will be done quickly, but it is always worth additional precautions when the weather is this hot."

Officials with the City of Hermantown say there are no expected delays in water service for any residents that would be related to this work. They explain that both of the city's water towers have been filled, which will allow for general water usage for people on the city's water system.

The maintenance project crews from the City of Duluth will be performing is scheduled to only last a portion of the day on Thursday, June 10.

The City of Duluth has not issued any public notices regarding any impacts to Duluth residents during this maintenance as of the time of this post.

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