Poor Stephanie Elam who is from California and works for CNN, she was put on assignment to go to Minneapolis during this cold snap. And, on top of that they made her broadcast from the river bank outside!

Now this is all  done with a little tongue and cheek considering those of us that live here have been dealing with this deadly cold for days on end, but she was prepared and dressed for the elements, plus I am sure when she was off camera she jumped into a warm van. Still I do have to sympathize with her to some degree being that she was outside trying to keep her composure, and even the heartiest Minnesotans are struggling to stay warm.

The best part of all of this is that some  CNN viewers are actually mad about it, saying that it is unfair given where she is from to subject her to these harsh conditions. I am sure other reporters would stand up and say it is all part of the job, and many of them have been in less than ideal climates or situations trying to report the news.

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